Aug. 25th, 2008

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...Just the other day I sat around musing about how much less time I get to spend with everyone as I am becoming increasingly busy with performing, music, ect... Oh, and I have a new Macbook, finally, which, by the way, brings about the catalyst for my post.

And then, as I sat down one day for 5 hours, browsing through hilarious pictures and videos hiding in my portable HD that I took while in Japan with the new, convenient features of my Macbook, videos and pictures that I HAD NO IDEA EVEN EXISTED, I could not believe how much of those sweet memories I had actually forgotten. And the memories of today will be no different if I do not document them.

So, my friends and most precious persons, this post is for you!

I realized that what we speak of now will all become a faint memory, so I ask:

...-Question Time!

...What are those memories of current that assists in defining our relationship? All those inside jokes? I am sure some of you can name a couple thousand...

Post anything! Articles, macros images...Whether we be friends of old or hardly friends who've once shared a laugh together...Something that we can all look back at this post and go, 'Wow lololol we're retarded.' XDD

On a random note, I'm eating a salad. The dressing's supposed to be Ranch...but I swear it's giving me that Balsamic vibe... ~_^b


One another note, I think I actually feel something towards Jamaica as of recent due to the epic Olympic victories.


...Could it be...pride? O.o

Then again, we all know that Jamaicans are trained to run fast to avoid police cars when they catch them with the stuff. =Db

Hats off to you, Mr. Bolt!

[Before I forget,, and new e-mail address,!]


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