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You'll win at RUNNING!
...and ART!!

...You'll even win at IRONY!


So, today we were headeded to Lennox. Again. And, upon I-85, I saw this enormous Hummer. As they all are enormous, anyway...

...And it had the license plate, 'CANTCME'.


...Well, fuck. You're in a Hummer. I can fucking 'C' you from Space.


...My WTF for the day. Too bad it exited off before I could take a picture.

And btw, as for the reference...

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...Now that I look at how I am doing in a situation like mine, I guess I can safely say that I've matured quite a bit since i was...You know, 16 or so...

...Because if such things were happening then, I certainly would have been depressed all over again.

Instead, I think I feel...a bit fazed. Angry. Angry at the fact that I am under an enormous amount of pressure to abide by my parents desires, and they are hardly helping me with it.

...Then, if I am unable to fulfill these desires, which, again...are not mine, I get the punishment.


Things could be so much worse. At least my marriage is not arranged, too. It's only a matter of time. >_>
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...After a trip to mall solely with the intention of appeasing my mother by not isolating myself indoors for another day, thus hopefully decreasing the possibility of her haranguing me about not leaving the house for days on end (one that took hours longer than expected, and bored me to tears - does not help when you're pressed for time and doing absolutely nothing productive for hours grate on your nerves, for God's sake), we went (or rather, I was dragged there) to Chou Lee's Chinese Restaurant. Not that I do not like the place - oh, quite the contrary. But then again, when you're just itching to go home-...


....But first, I'd like to point out the little time I spent in what I would deem, 'Tea Heaven'...not named so, I must admit...but it certainly is a place where you can probably achieve some sort of...'Tea Nirvana'...

...Probably that's why it's called, 'Teavana'...in Lenox Mall. Perfect.

...I spent a good while in there, taking gracious liberties in sampling their complimentary mini-cups of tea. And by liberties, I do mean 'generous', recalling that I may have sampled at least 20 of those little cups over and over again...

...We left Teavana spending a whopping (approx.) $50 on tea. Oh, and that German cane sugar. Wait-...German Cane Sugar?

Up to now, I would have believed that a cash-crop like Sugar Cane, primarily produced in the tropical climates of the West Indies, would not be able to grow in Germany - a place with a rather unforgiving climate, as to my knowledge.

...I do believe that I have now learned everything I have to learn with life. Expect the unexpected. That's it.


...In any case, the most noteworthy point of the day today was my find while at the Chinese Restaurant. After randomly choosing a fortune cookie out of a large bowl (the one that conveniently caught my fingers while I blindly whisked my hand around), I do believe that I have come to further show consideration for the credibility of the fortunes in these cookies - if I have ever done so before, I mean. For, quite surprisingly, I cannot recall another time in which I have gotten two random fortunes so conveniently stuck in the same cookie, which both were extremely relevant to each other and my life at the same time. The first fortune I had said:

"You will have many friends when you need them."

...This may not seem very exciting to most people, but for someone in my case - as for someone who has been seriously doubting the bonds of friendship since of recent...It really made me...a bit...contemplative.

The second one said:

"Investigate new possibilities with friends. Now is the time!"

...Well, I would have to admit that I almost gawked was slightly taken aback by the two fortunes. Slightly.

So, in my recent stint of doubting the potency of friendship, seemingly attaining a newfound attitude that such relationships are ephemeral and that friends are apparently things to be recycled - Out with the old, in with the new - as I have so deplorably discovered, these fortunes certainly hit the spot.

...So I stuck them in my daily planner. Then over to Sonnie's place.

So! New friends, eh? Should I start...recruiting? XD
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Went an' got mah hair did.


...Apparently, my hair wasso thick that it completely nuked the comb. Broke it in pieces.

...I was long overdue.
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...So. I am a bit torn. Should I take the 5 ringtones, or should I take the 5k? I mean, I REALLY need a few ringtones...
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Happy, youthful birthday, second-greatest taijutsu master in the whole wide world~ <3

And I am NOT late. Was just busy with handling Lee's birthday's in the RP comms yesterday XDD.
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Random Thoughts )
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Button Rotationの作り方を忘れたんだけど、だれも知らないか?

I forgot how to make a Button Rotation...Does anyone know how?
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最近すごい忙しい ^^; 3日間前にScreamFestでパフオームして、今私はOtakuBellyDancersのグループをマネージしている。 次のパフオーマンスはジャクソンヴィルにあるJaniconというエベントでパフオームする。

Ahhh~...Janicon is but next weekend...


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Hu3g Rock Lee Yaoi thread on 4chan, folks. 8D

Go on and post your LeeXAnyoneWithPen0rz pictures in the /Y/ forum NAU. GO GO GO!!!
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I received an e-mail from Asha yesterday saying that she'd have a small performance. Since public performances is a rarity for Asha (and for me too, actually since I am on hiatus), and I missed her performance at the A. R. Rahman concert, I just HAD to go. That weekend, I believe was the same weekend I had performed at Florida Supercon. Feck.

Now, to those of you who do not know Asha - Asha is an internationally renowned dancer and has even performed for Shahrukh Khan. She took me under her wing some time ago and acted as my agent/mentor, and helped to boost me up in the Bellydance world when I came back from Japan. I fangirl adore her greatly. To those of you who are otaku and would like an analogy, Asha is like.... my Gai-sensei. Except, unlike Gai-sensei...she is very, very tiny.

GAI-SEN--.... ASHAAAAAAAA!!!11....

So, I helped her around as she prepared herself. We chatted. Chatted some more. I ate 2/3 of the refreshments provided.
Due to the fact that I had donned a shalwar kameez, I found it amusing how I was being asked if I were the dancer who performed that night. Because I am so blond. *points to the left*

...And I took an absolute crapload of pictures. )

...So, apparently, I should be going to perform the Guedra with Asha in Florida at the end of this month, and in September. YAY!!
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Ladies and Gentlemen,

Introducing your new Admin and spokesperson for Viagra.

Oh Yes.


Hey, have you ever heard of the child-protection group, "Mothers Against Pedophilia" (MAP)? Ever wondered why there isn't a group for Fathers?
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Ladies and gentlemen,

...this is what you get when you attempt to make a paper lotus with regular origami paper.

...I need stiffer paper.

Go on, feel free to spam me with those macros.
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A lot of people have been asking me about my report on my stay in Jamaica.

...I cannot find my jump drive. My pictures are on there...and I'd like to post my pictures along with the entry.

Sorry for the delay.
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Today, we went to Kobe'one, a Japanese steakhouse. It was a beautiful restaurant and overall a pleasant atmosphere and experience.

As we took our seats, the man who ushered us into our seats prompted us to, "Please wait, your waitress will be here in a minute."



Some waitress.

Moar photoezes under cut. )
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Today, we went to......


Suno. Click first link for pictures, second for website.

So, I sat for hours at Suno and raped their internets for a few hours while the old lady went to search for a new car.
My aunt then signs on MSN and tells me that she has that friggin' jump drive that I had been searching for every since I returned from Jamaica (with the photos). She also took the liberty of going through it and showing my relatives the contents.

...Phew. Good thing I deleted all my pr0n.
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It was certainly time for a big change.

Please press F11 to better view my new layout! This background was just something I made while playing around with Photoshop and one of my professional shots. I also created the brushes and whatnot...

Anyway, this new layout commemorates my


Florida Supercon 2007!
My first con performance ever since I came back from Japan! My beautiful, wonderful protege and new partner, Raihn, and I gave the panel at 5 today (Sunday at 5)...and NEVER did we think that it would be such a huge turnout. Especially since hardly anyone could get a hold of of the convention schedule for Sunday... In any case, and surprisingly, before we knew it, there were a whole crapload of people lined up to the entrance to get into the panel. ^^ As they filed in, the room was getting so overwhelmingly crowded that we had to begin seating people on the floor, and we had to close the doors on the rest of the crowd. The panel was unplanned and everything done impromptu, but it was a huge success, nonetheless. ^^ I will be showing videos soon. And speaking of which...

Also, my SnJ Rock Lee cosplay was a huge hit. I was late to almost everything I had to attend because I was constantly bombarded to take photographs...and by fan.....girls. O_o. Also, due to rushing - and general laziness, I did not bother to change into my bellydance attire for the panel. Therefore, the panel was held with me as SnJ Rock Lee. With bellydance jewelry ^^.

Afterwards, we, meaning Mell (quite a few of you may know her from SH, and she is now my self-proclaimed manager ^^!), her friend, 'Mike', Miss Raihn, Heather and Sarah from Dragonmun Studios (who we also travelled with), Christopher Ayres (Voice Actor/Director/ect.) of http://www.christopherayres-va.com/, Rikki Simons (Voice Actor, mostly known as the voice of Gir from Invader Zim) and his wife, and I went to eat out at Bennigan's - a restaurant I never knew even existed ("with really crappy service" - Raihn). Our food arrived a few days after we placed our orders. That may or may not be an exaggeration.

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Alrighty then, this is certainly ODD.

...So, I have an icon of Neji and Lee together that I cropped out of a screencap for Lee's journal in the 'My Documents' folder. I was about to upload an icon to my RP account - so, I click 'browse', and what happened...?

WTF?! )

....That LeeNeji icon took over my entire lot of folder images. O_o Now, bear in mind that the only way this screencap is altered is that the size has been decreased - nothing more.

...How did this happen...?

...Jen and I think it's a sign. O____O

...In other news, I added, 'being seme' to Lee's list of interests today XD.
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Here is a flash advertisement that I screencapped at the criticla moments. I am sure many LJers have seen this already, but to the mind of a yaoi fangirl, this ad may have implications beyond those related to language.

...Well, not really. Anyone would notice how fucking obvious it is.

Going to Orlando~


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