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I received an e-mail from Asha yesterday saying that she'd have a small performance. Since public performances is a rarity for Asha (and for me too, actually since I am on hiatus), and I missed her performance at the A. R. Rahman concert, I just HAD to go. That weekend, I believe was the same weekend I had performed at Florida Supercon. Feck.

Now, to those of you who do not know Asha - Asha is an internationally renowned dancer and has even performed for Shahrukh Khan. She took me under her wing some time ago and acted as my agent/mentor, and helped to boost me up in the Bellydance world when I came back from Japan. I fangirl adore her greatly. To those of you who are otaku and would like an analogy, Asha is like.... my Gai-sensei. Except, unlike Gai-sensei...she is very, very tiny.

GAI-SEN--.... ASHAAAAAAAA!!!11....

So, I helped her around as she prepared herself. We chatted. Chatted some more. I ate 2/3 of the refreshments provided.
Due to the fact that I had donned a shalwar kameez, I found it amusing how I was being asked if I were the dancer who performed that night. Because I am so blond. *points to the left*

...And I took an absolute crapload of pictures. )

...So, apparently, I should be going to perform the Guedra with Asha in Florida at the end of this month, and in September. YAY!!


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