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Everyone, gather 'round! And hear the story of my...



...After the events of the day before rolled on into early morning today, I realized that I was not going to get any sleep at all. The bus was scheduled to depart at 9:40, and I wanted to get to the station at 8-8:30 in case the ticket line was long.

As soon as dropped Daniel to L5P Starbucks where he had parked his car, we parted ways, it was 6 a.m. I rushed home to pack a suitcase and whatnot.

It was raining. Hard. And the nice thing about it was, as I drove, the windshield wipers gave out for a good several minutes, leaving me to drive in the pouring rain on the highway not knowing what the Hell was going on in front of me. Scary. Thankfully, teh wipers stopped being Fail at some point and I made it there safely.

...Then to my Dad's, where he took over the van and dropped me off at the Greyhound station. After he forced me to change my pants, as the one I was wearing was clearly too big for me. XD

...SO. This is where it all began.

...I purchased my ticket, and stood in line. It was nearing 9:15 at the time, so I stood in line for a considerably long time. The plan was that I would be able to get to Birmingham by noon, so that we could head out to the wedding by 2.

...At 9:40, the announcement was made that the bus was going to be late. About an hour late, actually.


...SO. At about 10:50 am, we board the bus and I was on my way to Birmingham, Alabama.

...Considering I had not slept at all the entire night, much of the night being spent with Maya and Daniel at Cafe Intermezzo's (which kicks arse), and I had a terrible stomachache from ...whatever I had eaten from The Vortex, I had slept - or, at least, attempted to catch a nap - inside the bus.

...My eyes opened soon enough to witness the bus breaking down.

...So, the bus broke down at the side of the highway as we were heading west on I-20. The engine blew up or something. I don't know. O.o

We waited 3 hours until a rescue bus came for us. I had a feeling I would be VERY late for the wedding.

...Everyone cheered as the spare bus arrived. Wait, 'Spare bus'? We all piled into the new bus...

...Just to find out that they parked in right into the mud. We were stuck for another two hours as they attempted to get the bus out of the mud.

...They had us get in and out of the bus several times as they attempted to lighten the load and drive the bus out of the mud with no avail.

...So, we had to wait for a tow-truck to arrive. People cheered as the tow-truck pulled the bus out of the mud.

At this point, I had to convince Mell to go to the wedding without me. >_>; So, I missed my own performance.

...FINALLY, we were headed to our first stop - in Anniston, where we would drop off/pick up passengers. At that stop, the bus driver allowed for some time for everyone to get food at the nearby Sonic Drive-thru restaurant.

That took some time, and then, as everyone piled into the bus and we were driving off...

...we realized someone was missing. The same weird guy that had been causing trouble for the bus driver before. We just knew it.

...Apparently, he had gone a long ways off to another restaurant, and despite the instructions to go to the nearby restaurant and return to the bus as soon as everyone recieved their order, he sat and enjoyed his meal leisurely.

The bus drivers exited the bus and, as we all watched amusedly, tried to coax him out from the outside window.

...And even funnier, he took his precious time...slowly packing his food,

...cleaning the table and making sure it it was spick and span,

...going to get re-fills on his beverage,

...going back to make sure the table was clean,

...going towards the exit, then to change his mind and take the exit at the other side of the establishment.

...Everyone laughed as he got onto the bus. His existence epitomizes Fail.

...On a quite uncomfortable note, he sat right beside me and tried to strike up a bit of conversation with me. Yikes.


By the time we reached Birmingham, it was nearing 7 p.m. We were 8 hours late.

Unlike most other people on the bus, I was more...amused than enraged by the entire situation. Even though I did miss Trina's wedding. D=

...I still hope I get a free ticket out of this. At least. =D


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