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March 8 ^


...I had the most amazing experience BY FAR.


Beyond words.

asdlkhsjfhsdf OMFG.


Woke up. Yey.

...We then took a trip to the mall. Our first stop was Spencer's...where we took very little delight in amusing ourselves with the merchandise. Needless to say, it was a short stay. We then went to Borders Bookstore. At Borders, we sat on the floor of the Metaphysics section while I perused a copy of 'Meditation in a New York minute'. With all that's been going on, certainly need to clear my mind. XD In any case, we left at around...5:30-ish.

We sat around and waited a while to see. What a nice day to leave her phone at home.

...Finally, I gave up on waiting, and we head out. Apparently, she had other plans...which she never told me about. So she was quite disappointed when I made plans of my own first. Apparently, she wanted to take me out to an Italian restaurant...where birthday persons get a free meal.

...Whoopee. I'll pass. Boring birthday is a no.

To make a long story short, I got quite lost looking for Imperial Fez. Not to mention that I was being bothered with thoughts of my Fail mother who refused to spend the night with me and go sit at home and do nothing, and other things that were nit-picking at my brain...I was about to give up hope. I phoned my mother to tell ask her where this Italian Restaurant was.

...FORTUNATELY FOR ME, she never answered.

...And just generally frustrated, I thought of heading back home several times. I was...very lost.

..Somehow. I ended up in Decatur. A very familiar place (home of Rainbow Natural Foods ftw~). I have no idea how I did. I was surprised.

Upon Jessica's suggestion, we went to ask for directions...first, the meditteranean restaurant...where I recieved the most vague of directions, I ended up going to another restaurant in the vicinty, where the man was nice enough to pull up directions on Google Maps and write the entire thing for me. I was amazed. T_T

I promised to bring him many customers is appreciation, thanked him and left. (It's called KYOTO JOE'S in Decatur, people. Go now. ^_^b His name's Mahmut)

The Fun Part. Whee.


We entered the Imperial Fez...much later than I had hope. It was almost 9...and a few rounds of dancing had already occured. The interior was enormous. It was packed, and the decor was the lovliest of any Middle Eastern restaurant I've ever seen. No wonder the Imperial Fez is deemed the 'most classy' Middle Eastern restaurant in GA. ^_^; I have danced at many restaurants, but this one...o.o

...Anyhoo, I has handed a birthday crown and we were seated. Typical, 'let's sit on the floor' setting and all that, and the aromatic allure of the environment seduced my nose. XD

As we looked through the menu, the dancers came out. ...Dancers. Apparently...there are four, instead of one. First I've ever seen this. They arrived, all with a fire device - a candelabra, fire fans, and...perhaps some other things, but that is all I saw. Only one dancer came about our area at the time...with a candelabra. For later performances, however, dancers would switch off, going to different areas of the restaurant. It seemed as though the restaurant was divided in sections for this purpose.

To my dismay, the only option was a Five-Course-Dinner...in which each person would have to pay for an entree of...yes, five courses. Such a five-course meal ranges from $45-65. Per person. Wow. No wonder they can afford four, skilled bellydancers per night. Anyhoo, took us a while to decide...and while I contemplated leaving...Jessica insisted that she treated me.

...Oh no.

...I definitely wanted to leave. There was no way I would think of having my friend spend so much on me. I told her that we had to leave.

...But she insisted once again. And again.

Anyway, cut that, we ended up ordering an entree and...sharing it, having to pay the $25 sharing fee. The second performance began as we recieved our 'OMFG WHATALOTTA APPETIZERS' ...When the first course came, I could have sworn it was a meal enough for two people. Not to mention that there were another four coming up.

...So...I am most certain that my enthusiastic clapping and zaghareeting peaked the interest of the dancer, as she invited me to dance with her. To make a long story short, I did my thing as usual, the restaurant eprupted in applause, and...

...Not to mention that every dancer that switched off that time selected me to dance. I got up to dance four or five times. The waitress came to me and whispered to my friend and I...I was not exactly sure whether she was saying so in jest, 'You're definitly hired'. Either that, or the waitress would approach me to tell me that she was asked by a lot of the customers if I was on of the performers there. Even though I was in Chinese dress, it seemed that some people could not tell I was a customer. >_>;;

...Anyhoo, at one point, in the corner of my eyes, I vaguely noticed that a woman from beyond the wall was excitedly motioning to Jess.

..."She told me to have you 'Stay put'", she said. O.o

...It took a moment, but finally a colourful, jovial middle-aged woman took seat in front of me. She was extremely friendly, and all smiles. She began to excitedly compliment my dancing, but it took me a moment to realize that she had cards on the table. Tarot Cards.

...A Tarot reading? This looks like fun, I thought.

...I recieved a reading I had never, ever, ever expected. In a million years.

...An INTENSE conversation that had me literally shaking ensued. Without giving her hardly any information, she was able to pinpoint and give me, IN FULL DETAIL, a lot of what has been going on with me for the past...few ...months, or so. She gave detailed insight on what has happened, what has REALLY been happening, what can be done to fix things, what I can do to feel better...things about my parents...things about my friends...aklhsshfldjhf. AMAZING. T_T

...The conversation lasted a good while. I was absolutely speechless. She had pinpointed things that I have never told anyone. When the conversation was over, I was almost in tears. I did not even pay ANY attention to the food that arrived.

The conversation between Miss Paula and I = Filtered to close friends (Part II)


Being encouraged by a plethora of people to seek a dancing job there, I was told to go and speak with a Miss Rita of the next-door lounge, 'Ibiza'. Which I did. I then ran into Miss Paula outside. With much, much gratitude for making me feel...SO much better...and give me much strength with her words...I offered to make her a website for free, even before she asked. Her voice trembled with surprise. I gave her a hug before collecting Jess.

...As we were JUST about to leave...another scary coincidence happened - I saw Julia again...arriving with a friend of her on her way to Ibiza. What a strange coincidence for us to be bumping into each other at the strangest of places! Needless to say, we had to stay. XD She invited us to come with her, we danced a load at Ibiza...and...such.




I would like to say that Jessica is full of epic win for treating me on my birthday. T^Tb I will never forget your generosity and I SHALL BLESS YOU A HUNDRED TIMES OVER ONE DAY. <3<3<3

March 9-

...Went to Cafe Istanbul. Had a blast.

Met Irfan there again...I recognized him immediately, and luckily, he waited on us. Being the awesomeness that he is, he presented me with my first Hookah...free of charge, for my birthday. I have never tried Hookah before...and it was a bit different that I had expected...but...I was glad for the experience.

The belly dancer was....lawlokay. She came out rarely, however. To my disappointment, she was not Nico, but...before she left that night, she gave me her card. I recognized it instantly as the same card I found in the computer repair shop. O.o

In short, we had great times, and took epic pictures....

Click here if Slideshow is being utter Fail again. >_o
...And, all the extras ^ Too many pictures of ME. >_>;


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