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Well! Someone made a secret about my Lee, Tj's Ino and Joy's Gaara. What a random pleasant surprise. XD;


You can find it here. http://community.livejournal.com/rp_secrets/10860.html


How flattering. =D Fanservice, sweethearts?


Eveyrone laughs at me each time I ask, 'What is that?' I find that I am severely lacking when it comes to knowledge of dirty-language.

I will write down my learnings of recent for reference. All defined by [profile] mellfromva. Thank you for clouding my virgin mind. ^_^b

Greasing the Pig - Uhm...I forgot what this means already. I am not sure if I want to remember. X_X

Teabagging - Dangling testicles over one's face. Not one's own testicles, though...that would be rather odd.

'Coin Purse'
- Testicles. Mell had to silence me when I stated that I was looking for my coin purse as we were going out to eat and I needed my money.

...This makes no sense to me, however...and I will continue to call my coin purse a 'coin purse'. Testicles do not hold my coins. :/

Oh Gosh...This song gives me memories XDD;

And yes, I can understand what he is saying. I understand English XD;


Oh, btw...I posted a very obvious secrets on F!S that should be showing up in any of the future posts...I'll give cookies to anyone who figures out which secret is mine <3

Oh yes! And...based on a link I found on [personal profile] kageisuke's journal, I made icons from the lawl that was the Iron Hymen:


If you don't get it, go to: http://www.ironhymen.com/

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...Been. Performing an all that. Working on stuff. Studying. Making more stuff. Yawn.


So anyway! Wanted to pimp out my new friend who's a KHR fan,a Tsuna RPer, and has a new LJ. Woo! Like KHR and..whatnot? Please friend [livejournal.com profile] omnomnomnomnom Also, please to be welcoming another good friend, [livejournal.com profile] nappo69, who is also a KHR fan and new to LJ <3. PLZ TO BE ADDING THEM NAU.





Was gonna make a 'nother post for that but eh...why. cuz you're special? nawww~ SORRYIPOSTEDITLATE DX <3


Misc News Yeyyy:

* SPARKLE TEXT CODE PAGE FOR ALL YOUR SPARKLE CODE NEEDS~!! OSSU! ~ Feeling gay today? My Lambo RP journal at [livejournal.com profile] paradisa houses a chock-full of sparkle code. To check it out, go to [livejournal.com profile] bovinohitman . Cookies for anyone who can name the sources of all the reference examples I used on that page. MANANA!!!!

* SO. ISLAND RP, WHICH I AM NOT A PART OF AT ALL (XD), IS HAVING THE ['COME ONE, COME ALL' EVENT AGAIN]. I'm bringing Lee, Lambo and possibly Foamy. EVERYONE WHO RPS, no matter where, COME MARCH 1st!

* AHAHAH. Yey: THE DRESSING ROOM. A community where every character can mingle~...no matter what RP. Great for practice. How amazing. *^* Linked to me by [livejournal.com profile] xinexpressiblex, the dear.

* CUTEST PICTURE EVER. T_T Oh Lambo~ >_>; [livejournal.com profile] asaphira_sachi, you win so hard for capping those. T^Tb

-Favourite/Epic/Lulzy Threads of the Now- (featuring my Rock Lee or Lambo + others): [1], [2], [3], [4], [5], [6], [7]

* Does anyone here play Sasagawa Ryohei, Reborn or I-Pin? I swear, I've never encountered any. Wait, does an I-Pin RPer even EXIST?! WANT RYOHEI NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW

* ART REQUESTS PLZ. I need inspiration. Have any fanart ideas? I need a few. Wanna do an Art Trade? asfhdsf Feel free to ask.
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It was certainly time for a big change.

Please press F11 to better view my new layout! This background was just something I made while playing around with Photoshop and one of my professional shots. I also created the brushes and whatnot...

Anyway, this new layout commemorates my


Florida Supercon 2007!
My first con performance ever since I came back from Japan! My beautiful, wonderful protege and new partner, Raihn, and I gave the panel at 5 today (Sunday at 5)...and NEVER did we think that it would be such a huge turnout. Especially since hardly anyone could get a hold of of the convention schedule for Sunday... In any case, and surprisingly, before we knew it, there were a whole crapload of people lined up to the entrance to get into the panel. ^^ As they filed in, the room was getting so overwhelmingly crowded that we had to begin seating people on the floor, and we had to close the doors on the rest of the crowd. The panel was unplanned and everything done impromptu, but it was a huge success, nonetheless. ^^ I will be showing videos soon. And speaking of which...

Also, my SnJ Rock Lee cosplay was a huge hit. I was late to almost everything I had to attend because I was constantly bombarded to take photographs...and by fan.....girls. O_o. Also, due to rushing - and general laziness, I did not bother to change into my bellydance attire for the panel. Therefore, the panel was held with me as SnJ Rock Lee. With bellydance jewelry ^^.

Afterwards, we, meaning Mell (quite a few of you may know her from SH, and she is now my self-proclaimed manager ^^!), her friend, 'Mike', Miss Raihn, Heather and Sarah from Dragonmun Studios (who we also travelled with), Christopher Ayres (Voice Actor/Director/ect.) of http://www.christopherayres-va.com/, Rikki Simons (Voice Actor, mostly known as the voice of Gir from Invader Zim) and his wife, and I went to eat out at Bennigan's - a restaurant I never knew even existed ("with really crappy service" - Raihn). Our food arrived a few days after we placed our orders. That may or may not be an exaggeration.



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