Feb. 6th, 2004


Feb. 6th, 2004 06:26 pm
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Good Night

I have no need to complain...but I must confess that some of the doings for yesterday's entry actually occured today (The group presentations), as I recall that our presentations were moved back a day. How did I manage such a mistake? As I update for each day of the week, at the end of the week, so, to be perfectly honest, today is friday, and I am writing of the events of yesterday. This only occurs when my free will to update has been congested with work...or in my case, sleep. For this entire week, i have seemed to have an unexpected bout of fatigue, which sends me to bed as soon as I get home from school...I cannot pinpoint the problem...yet I would tend to fall sleepy as soon as I return home.

I have discovered how much of a "friend" I have...

 I swear...the only common bond that this girl and I share is our West Indian heritage...she is from Trinidad. Apart form that, we both are two...different...entities...(Let that soak in for a minute). (Hey! I just rememebred that my father is still in Trinidad...I still need to borrow his power tools!) Anyhow, I must point out that, in terms of...as I would say...'parallelism',  as a term in which I made to describe a person so similar to you, it is unnerving..she is definitly the opposite of me...in almost every way possible. She is...the opposite of what Hema is to me...seriously! (Sorry, Hammy-kin) Hema is the only parallel of myself that I actually know...yet, I would have to comment that...well...this girl, Regina...is my perpendicular...for lack of a better word. She dislikes purple, Science, Mathematics, Homo/Bi-sexuality (She thinks that it it downright disgusting, in which I do not mind it at all...hey, it's none of my business),  she loves Rap (eww), and has no care in the world for volunteer work, or anything that could perhaps colleges would look upon her with favour...(she claims that she has to be "paid")- She also HATES cats with the greatest passion!! She always rolls along about how she wishes to torture the "furry bastards".   This is the same female in which swears that she is going to torture and murder the "man who invented Chemistry"...Oh, my, goodness.  She is quite dogmatic, as well...ouch.  We obviously have differing views about...nearly everything.  I enjoy reading books of which I can gain common wisdom and knowledge from (not to mention the occasional manga), and she prefers the novels in which, in her own words, "has drama, and fighting and sex..." ...Riight... She is my contrast...yet...she follows me everyhwere (Like, how on earth did you get to my locker before I did?) Not the greatest feeling in the world for someone who values solitude ...Teacher of mine suggested that she may have noticed that I am frequently alone and is possibly trying to fix the 'problem'...I do not mind company at times, but I am used to being alone and this is what I rather...should I not be with someone I am particularly close to...  (She talks so much...)

Yet, I must confess that, 2 out of ten times, I do enjoy her company...mostly it is because she tells me of certain little problems of which I can act as an advisor to her...which I do for all people, no matter how opposite, or similar...

I am currently reading "The Magical Maze - Seeing the World trhough Mathematical Eyes", by Ian Stewart.


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