Feb. 12th, 2004


Feb. 12th, 2004 07:38 pm
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Good Night

Elfwood is back up....since forever...and I should be opening up a new gallery to display my artwork there...Hopefully they will accept a pseudonym in place of my name...hopefully...

Valentine's Day is coming up, once again.

And...right before such an event, I was told something that greatly broke my heart...again

...reminds me of a heart-breaking situation that induced a hatred for the Valentine's Day from when I was very young... (But it is subsiding...)

Oh well.

Anyway, had arranged for a rose and...stuff...to be delivered to Laura today...Thought it would be appropriate...being her first Valentine's Day in another country...and being the only friend she actually has here *tear*...I am the only friend she has here...I would like to make sure that I can be the most wonderous friend possible...although...I actually would do that for nearly everyone...(shh..she's a special case ^_^;)  So truly better to give than to receive...

Youthful desire never supersedes age-old wisdom.

I find that, most of my friends, and I, have virtually nothing in common.  I also find that, the reason as to why such friendship exists is "advice".  I have always been an advisor to certain others, but it never occured to me that I am actually sought out for advice...as I spoke with my "perpendicular" this morning, from the times of last week in which we had differing views, so headstrong in what she desired at the time, and my warning her against such...I cannot believe that she said today, "You really were right."

I also found that, the only reason as to why others and I would talk was if they needed advice...otherwise, I am non-existent.

In other news...

I saw a puppy today ^_^;


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