Jul. 8th, 2004


Jul. 8th, 2004 07:16 pm
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Went to the library today.

Well, Jess and I decided to meet up at the library for today at noon.  I ended up leaving the house at about 2: something.  Arriving at the library, now, I stood out front, called her several billion times (with no answer, of course), and went in and browsed the Science-section of the library for a new book.  One caught my attention.

"The Broken Heart
         ...The Medical Consequences of Loneliness".

Being no stranger to heart-break, I found quite some interest in the book.  I've also always wondered why One gets this painful sensation in the chest area after rejection (or whatever).

So, anyway, I took a seat at the back of the library, as usual, and I began to read.  Pulling myself out of immersion, I decided to borrow the book and continue to read it in the library until Jessica would arrive.  A man, who was apparently studying some self-made notes in a notebook a few feet away, hindered my progress towards the desk. 

In spanish, he greeted me and asked for my name.  I responded in Spanglish. Heh.  Anyway, finding that my English was well (as if, what did he expect), he converted his speech to a rather intelligible English.  I suspected that he might have been from the Dominican Republic, which such good spanish, but then I came to learn that he was from Haiti, and that he spoke 4 languages.

He greeted me, and told me that he wished to point out how he noticed me reading over yonder and how awestruck he was at my appearance (or "overwhelming beauty", as he'd say), and that he decided to say hello.  He asked a few questions, and I responded that my name is Rose, and that I was from Lebanon (As I like to play with heritages). For a few minutes, we talked, and he prompted me to take a seat whenever I'd feel like.  I left him for a moment to go borrow a book, and my phone rang.

Well, according to Jessica, she couldn't make it again.  Grandma wan't feeling well, she said, so she wanted to stay with her.  I wasn't particularly bothered, I'm used to being blown off (a good cause, at least).  I went inside, and decided to take a seat with the guy.

Of course, I was suspicious, of course.  But...he ended up being quite a nice guy.  We talked for over an hour, at least, about worldly affairs and so on.  We spoke about language, and how Creole is being made a national language and was no longer a dialect (Can they do that for West Indian Patois?).  Several times, I would glance at his notebook to see notes across every page in every available colour the makers of ink had to offer.  According to him, he comes to the library whenever he can to study, and that he had a medical test approaching, so that after some time, he may open his own practice.  He also showed be a knapsack filled with text/notebooks on medicine, and said that he studied biochem for a bit (I told him that I was interested in sciences and that I was thinking about something along the lines of Biochemistry/microbiology..something like that).   He isn't the first to tell me that Biochemistry is particularly difficult.  He pointed out the book that I was reading and questioned my interest in it.

I told him that I am used to having my heart broken, so the subject was quite interesting. 

He looked at me as if I had fifteen toes. 

He couldn't believe that "someone would be so cruel to break [my] heart". Cruel, eh? Maybe so.  He didn't get off the subject. "You're so {this and that and this and that}, why would anybody want to hurt you like that?"  It interested me too.  You know what, I think i should do a survey, or something, interviewing the guys that I have had my heart set on in the past and question their reasons for rejecting me.  For one, I do know that this one guy that I had my eyes on was very much interested in me but had some reason not to tell me.   I had to hear it from someone else. Well, the survey would be unnecessary, I guess, since, although I've had little interest in a few guys, I've really particularly had my heart set on one or two in the past (because I'm picky and insecure).   He said that he would have expected me to break a few hearts rather than having mine being broken (which I took a little offensive), but he said that he couldn't imagine why someone would try to break my heart. 

Perhaps it is not so, but anyway...We talked, and he told me about his perfectionist brother who was born in my month.  We spoke about families...countries...political affairs... for some time.  He turned out to be quite a nice person to talk to.  He compared me to Einstein...saying that you never usually see anyone like Einstein everyday...

Einstein...that was the greatest compliment.  *faints*. 

So, during the conversation, I muttered something which brought about his question about my "significant other".  I told him that I didn't have one, and that I never actually did.  I told him that I was not the type to "go out on dates" or other business such as, and I would never actually have such a relationship with someone unless we were particularly close and that there was some kind of potential for marriage (In other words, I am not like people nowadays who tend to want to have boyfriends just for the sake of having them).

He looked as if I was growing a tree out of my ass.

He was surprised, saying that it was unusual for someone my age to not date, that it was so common with people my age and that it was, in medical terms, "abnormal" for people in my age-group...Which is true...I never look for a boyfriend.  I never actually want one so that "it hurts" for most people my age.  Someone just tends to hop into my life unexpectedly and grabs my attention.   The he asked the question that I had a hard time finding an answer to..."Don't [I] miss that sort of companionship..someone to take me out to movies or have dinner together"... or something..Never really thought of that.  I didn't know exactly what to tell him...I guess I must think about it later.

Don't know, though.
The conversation ensued until someone found it funny to frighten me by putting their hands around my eyes. I almost forgot that Jessica called me a little earlier on to say that was indeed going to drop by to see me. She sat down and conversed with Ronald (the guy) until my phone rang. I took it outside, and along came George out of nowhere ^_^ (what a coincidence...the "other" George was on the phone with me). Anyway, we went back inside, and while Jess talked, I excused myself. I told Jess on the side that I told the guy that my name was Rose and that I was of Lebanese descent, so don't say anything ^_^. I went to Walgreens to go develop some film, had some pizza and went home.

In other news, I found out what Adesh was REALLY saying in "Caroni Close Dung"! How perverted of me!



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