Feb. 4th, 2004


Feb. 4th, 2004 06:09 pm
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Good Night

If it is one thing that I completely detest, it is having a project, and...having you as teh only one who actually gives a crap about getting a grade.  I swear...A project in which there are three other people besides me, and I do all of the work...I cannot even believe that they did not even attempt to do anything...as if they have no concern for their grade...Would they actually expect me to do everything?  Oh well....there are those cases in which if I do not be assertive and say what goes on in the group, we get less than a perfect score...which I am...honestly, not settling for.  Last time I was submissive and let others decide on what to do, we ended up getting a 90%....not happening again.  God, I hate working in groups...unless it is a project in which components of it can be distributed amongst WORKING group members...and if in this case, we hardly to never have to meet up (I really do prefer doing things on my own).  The group was completely disorganized at the time to present...two not having any part, and one, who, having agreed to everything last night, saying that she does not want to go through it again (As if she had a choice!)  Fortunately, a group volunteered before ours and the bell rung just.in.time.  Argh....I am thinking of arranging a valentine's delivery for Laura at school...to have a flower and some chocolates delivered to her (It is actually supposed to be a flower and a card, but ...not to forget that she may not be able to read and english card >.<).  I thought it would be apprporiate to treat my friend for her first Valentine's Day in a new country.  Sometimes I actually have to ask myself if I am actually the only friend that she has since she arrived...So I was told...Oh how I deplore at her lonesome wandering when I am not there! (As I have seen)

Oh yes...I was invited into the NHS again....I have never stayed in a school long enough to actually be inducted into the society, and despite a girl that I know who says that teh whole thing is a bunch of bullshit, all to take one's money, I am going to join the society, anyway (Hey, this is the same girl who claims that she wants to kill that man who invented chemistry...should I listen to her?). 

I cannot emphasize how forgetful I am...I am worse off than my Papa (My great-grandfather, who's, by the way, still alive with a nicely severe case of Alheizmer's). 

I should start playing the violin soon before I lose the skills...from the time I was so discouraged...Never again should I let this happen...


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