Jun. 19th, 2004


Jun. 19th, 2004 04:22 pm
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Ah well...

It's Saturday, and again, Suzette took off from work.  I'm beginning to actually miss the old people, but eh, if she's not going, I'm not, either.  So, my cousin's brother's here (long story) and he is not as bad as I thought he would be...actually, he's pretty sweet.  Annoying, but a good kid so far.  I feel weird, not going to the library almost every day of the week...and the noise is unbearable.
Anyway, we went strawberry picking...all of us.  We (Aunt/Uncle/cousins/I) went to one of those U-pick strawberry fields...which was the least I had expected.  Suzette and I were the ones doing the majority of the pickings...but goodness...I must say, those strawberries were delicious.  I think I about "tasted" 8 of them while I was picking.  While everyone was starting to complain about the heat...I was fine...No really...I actually didn't find it to be hot...But that's just me...I can survive a summer day in a jacket (and I do wear one sometimes...usually if I'm wearing something underneath that I'd prefer to keep covered in public).   Afterwards, we went to a seafood joint, "Legal Seafood", if was called...strange name, but a nice restaurant.

After a long drive through Garden City and beyond (My cousins slept nearly throughout the entire journey, thank goodness), we arrived at a barbecue.  Yipee, more food.  Some barbecue that they supposedly forgot to go to earlier, some very good friends of my aunt/uncle.  It was a Trini/Jamaican thing...and they had the classic reggae playing.  And then...there was Shawny...trini-gorgeous-ness.  What makes so many Trini guys so good-looking?  Is it the water in Trinidad?  So Lovely!  I want a trini guy! I want one!! *sniff*  The only thing...he's a dread (I and not much of a fan for dreadlocks)...and so were the majority of the trinis there.  He has his tied back, though...Oh yes...and his eyes are red (ganja???  I doubt it).   My aunt said that he was 10 more handsome before he met in an accident a few years ago which damaged his face (hard to believe).  Men played dominoes, had fun, and I sat there, doing puzzles, as usual. As a man slapped his leg, he said, "We all left the West Indies to come here and we still have mosquito...no mek no sense." Heh.

We left late...And I actually didn't care. heh.  Actually...I did, kinda...because as SOON as we were about to leave, that's when they started playing the soca :(


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