Jul. 26th, 2004


Jul. 26th, 2004 03:11 am
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Today's what, Monday? This is going to be a long one.

Got up this morning with two things on mind, Lunch with Chris, and Visit with Ma.

I went to the library for some time to return some books, and read for some time.  Surprisingly, I couldn't get myself to stay the bit of time more.  I wanted so badly to retrieve my pictures from Walgreens...which would be ready at around 2-ish.  I couldn't wait to see them.

Mr. President called this afternoon to plan an evening meal for 4:30 at a nearby restaurant.  Same one Jess took me to earlier in the summer.

So, I went to go pick up my pictures (Pictures from Hamtastic's birthday-thingy, the pooja, and other delightful randomness) from Walgreens.  Oh, I forgot to point out that after Neem dropped me home yesterday, I walked to Walgreens to have my pictures developed.

They came out looking like SHIT.

All blurry.

I marched back into Walgreens and showed the pictures.  I was instructed to take a few more pictures, bring the camera back, have them developed, and if the results were...the same, they MIGHT consider an exchange. They weren't sure. Screw them hard.

It might've have been the purple-ness? Nah. =P Haha.

I sat by the Walgreens for some time, until I realized that it was about 4, and that I might have had time to walk by Jess's to visit Grandma.  I knocked on the door, no one answered..even though I heard activity in the house.  I left.

To make my day even better, Mr. President sent me a text,

"Can we reschedule".

Go ahead, read more if you have nothing better to do. )


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