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I am just...disturbed.


I went to the library today, as usual...And sat at my usual spot...in the back of the library in the upstairs.  I brought about a good amount of books to keep me busy.  In my vicinity, however, as I browsed for more books, I took little notice to a man walking, quietly around the area, and as I seated myself once again, I noticed that he laid himself upon the library floor on the other side of the bookshelf facing my direction, which, once again, disturbed me.  He fiddled with a book on the bottom bookshelf and replaced it.  Though a little unnerved, I ignored the man for a good while, until I noticed that he was unusually quiet.

I felt as if he was somehow watching me (It happens many times).  I continued to read for a bit...another ten-or-so minutes passed, I looked up.  I regret that.

Right in the opening of the books, the fact caught my eye that the man was fiddling aroung with something quite unusual.  For a second, I would have sworn that he was playing with some funny looking microphone.  A brown, weird looking pole of some kind...

As soon as I realized what it actually was, my heart nearly failed.  I fixed myself upon the book once again and prayed.  Not much, just attempted to pretend that I had not seen anything and continued (to attempt) to read.  I begged for something to happen.

Less than five minutes later, My friend, Chris (Yohannan, not Clerge), found his way in the back of the library, appearing out of nowhere with his brother, right where I was.  There is a God.

He sat on the stool by me (I was sitting on the floor), and we chatted for a bit, and as soon as he arrived, the guy on the opposite side got his act back in place (pun intended), got up, and left as soon as Chris did and encouraged me to follow him, which I gladly did (follow Chris, I mean). 

I did not even get a glimpse of the man's face.  I would've reported him If I had.  A little later, I caught sight of Kevin downstairs, and rushed to meet him as well.  I tried to finish my studies in the quiet study area, but, unfortunately, the room had a terrible smell about it.  Apparently, someone who studied there today forgot to shower and brush on a little deodorant.  I stayed and kept his company until his research was completed and he offered me a ride home.

I went home, phoned Jessica, had a chat with Sonia to clear my head.  I told Jess about the occurence and she was speechless.

George is laughing at me right now.

So anyway, I ended up walking back to the library, just for the walk itself.  I did go back into the library...I just needed the walk to clear my mind.

Well, matters so have it that I must meet with Sonia tomorrow to take her to the library.  I don't think I will be able to go to the back again >_< 

God, Help me.


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