Jul. 4th, 2004

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Well, it is July 4th.

The day of Independence, and the day of Kad's baby shower.
Memorable? No, not really. Just another shower/party.

Well, as usual, as the festivites were going on outside, I stayed, locked inside my room, paying no attention whatsoever to the festivities, as usual when my family throws a party. I swear, I hate being around so many people >_< Thank goodness for the room that I can coop myself up in. Last time they had a barbecue (or some crap, which was just a few weeks ago), I was coming from Chris' house. Chris, Michael and Kevin (holding an umbrella over me) walked me home in the rain. I regret leaving, as I came to the house just to have a terrible migraine due of the constant noise outside. I stayed in my room and slept it off. Unfortunately, it didn't end until into the wee hours of the morning, just as today (or yesterday, technically).

It is now in the wee hours of the morning, so being it July 5th right now, I had to backdate the entry to July 4th (the day I am actually writing this entry for).

Well, people found that I was in existence once I poked my head out of my room to get some food. Almost everything was some meat (curry chicken, curry goat, beef and some crap), so I ended up having only a salad and some fritters (which were good, by the way). I made another appearance later into the night when I heard them play some soca...and I ran out of the house to be closer to the music. heh. I kept the room door locked to prevent little critters (such as Miko and some other random kids who thought it fun to barge in whenever they felt like it) from coming in.

So, basically, nothing much happened today >_< Had a long talk with Mr. Costallini, though. I wonder why bananas don't have belly-buttons?

In other news, My CD case is purple, and st00pidgirl secretly fantasizes about me ^_^


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