Jul. 6th, 2004

ichibandasai: (Flaming Rose)
Last thing you..
[1] You touched? My Keyboard
[2] You talked to? Kishi
[3] You hugged? Jesse
[4] You instant messaged? Michael
[5] You kissed? Chris
[6] You yelled at? My little cousin, Miko.
[7] You laughed with? How about laughed AT?
[8] You had a crush on? Not telling!!!

Name four drinks you regularly drink:
[1] Water
[2] Tea/capuccino
[3] Other...
[4] Urine. (JUST KIDDING...oh god, i think i just made myself sick..oops)

Name four random facts about yourself:
[1] I am very multi-faceted.
[2] I have multiple personalities.
[3] I love arabic music.
[4] I wonder why bananas are yellow.

Name four random facts about your family:
[1] My dad speaks spanish, french, a little arabic and hindi. (And he even looks Middle Eastern)
[2] The women in our family are light, the guys dark.
[3] My dad is an engineer.
[4] An aunt and uncle from each side of the family are the doctors of the family, are highly intelligent, study and are obsessed with spanish/spanish music/culture, and although have never met, they are too much alike in many other ways ^_^

Have you ever...
[1] Fallen for a friend? Not really
[2] Made out with JUST a friend? Nopers, no making out here.
[3] Been rejected? Oh Please! All the time!
[4] Been in lust? Yep...Just Yesterday, eh Mr. Costallini? LOL
[5] Used someone? Kind...of... I'm so sorry...
[6] Ever been used? Dunno
[7] Cheated on someone? Nope
[8] Been cheated on? Nope
[9] Done something you regret? Yes
[10] Can you list a few of them? Nope...It will expose a lie about me...which is not really a lie, but whatever.

Do you..?
[1] Color your hair? No
[2] Have tattoos? No
[3] Have Piercing(s)? Ears only.
[4] Have a boy/girl friend? Nope, and never will :)!
[5] Floss daily? No, I brush too much, though.
[6] Like to groove to the music? Are you kidding?
[7] Think you are cultured? Of course.
[8] Like to drive fast? No..cars scare me. I literally go insane when someone drives fast.
[9] Believe in God or Devil? God, but no Devil.
[10] Believe in The Closet Monster? When I lock my little cousin in the closet, he becomes the little closet monster.

Miscellaneous Questions!
[1] What should you be doing right now? Studying.
[2] What are you listening to? Shammi and Bunji!
[3] Can you do anything freakish with your body? SUM MAAAD BELLYROLLS. hehe.
[4] Chicken or fish? Fishy-wishy
[5] Favorite Season? Summer
[6] Is ice cream the best thing in the world? Sometimes...
[7] What would your dream date be? Can't be specific, but he'd be someone intelligent, contemplative, concerned, open-minded, non-conformist...
[8] Silver, gold or platinum? platinum
[9] Candle lit dinner in a restaurant or at home? Home
[10] Roses or wild flowers? Roses
[11] Silly or serious romance? Both! I love someone serious, but they should be playful at times.
[12] What CD is in your CD player right now? A littel collection of my favourite soca songs.
[13] Who was your favorite Spice Girl? I dont remember who they were.
[14] Favorite Disney Characters? I dunno.
[15] Favorite fast food? Dunno
[16] Favorite book(s)? Dunno
[17] Who do you consider your best friend? Heh.
[18] Favorite song? Too many to list.
[19] What room is your computer in? Bedroom
[20] What is your shoe size? 6
[21] Happy or Scary movies? both
[22] What will you be when you grow up? Give me a break.


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