Jul. 25th, 2004


Jul. 25th, 2004 03:04 am
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Woke late this morning, though asked to come to the pooja at around the same time as yesterday.  I was actually planning on skipping it, until I phoned my grandmother.

I simply asked her if she had come across my Assaya while cleaning.

In her reply, she was on a bus going out of state...Why am I calling her asking such a stupid question when she's on a bus going out of state?

Assuming that she must've thought that I would have magically known that she was going out of state, I still asked her where she was on her way to.

In her reply, I must go ask Keshia about anything, Goodbye.

                      The Rude BITCH.

That's right. I said


I went to the pooja anyway, regardless of her yes or no...I didn't care.  I didn't really risk anything, either.

As promised, there were more people.  Not as many as expected, thank plain goodness.

I noticed that Grandma was not participating today.  She was ill.

A tent was pitched outside for the surplus, and the good food outside (pumpkin, channa, daal, bhaji, rice, spinach, potatoes, puri...blah blah) I just made sure I took some home.

I ended up spending most of the day there.  I couldn't leave Grandma.  Seeing her ill made me sick.  After the pooja, Jess laid a mat out for her to rest upon...I just kept baby Kamille from harassing her.

So, Neem dropped me off once more.  She always volunteers...which is the best thing.  Especially when I had two plates of food, my Sweets bag, and my own bag of clothes to carry.

So, part one on Agenda tomorrow, Visit Grandma to see how she's doing.

If any of you are confused,

my grandmother = my actual grandmother.
Grandma = Jess's grandmother

Anyway, I just MUST fit that in my schedule with Chris tomorrow...which I am sure is not guaranteed (lunch with Chris tomorrow, I mean).  I blew Grandma a kiss and promised to pay her a visit tomorrow.

Nothing much really for the rest of the day.  Nothing noteworthy, anyway...except...

In other news,

I harassed a froggy the other day.


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